Supply Chain Risk Management 

Outsourcing, globalization, and extended supply chain are a few strategies several organizations adapt to improve efficiency in their procurement. While it does improve efficiency, there are several risk factors as well. The risks include quality of products, the capability of a supplier, security in transit, business continuity, etc. if not mitigated, they can cause serious disruptions that affect the performance of a business.

In the past several years, several organizations have been affected by unexpected supply-chain susceptibilities leading to recalls. It has cost them severe losses in many industries. Cybercrimes have been on the rise as well. This calls for a robust methodology to identify and manage the increasing supply chain risks.

Our service highlights include:

Risk assessment

We at GainEdge assist our clients to identify potential risks that they can impact their performance. We offer solutions tailored to each client’s specific supply chain risk management needs.  Our experts then design and implement value-based solutions that relate to your business objectives and priorities.

By increasing the transparency of critical needs and resources within your supply chain, we enable your company to make better, calculative, risk-informed decisions. This should help lessen the effect of an outage and accelerate trade recovery, optimize supply chain resiliency, and exploit opportunities.

We ensure our solutions will help in the continuity of the supplier -distribution relationship you are accustomed to. The SCRM strategies that we apply are agile, risk-intelligent, and resilient.

Risk mitigation

We implement an exhaustive data analytics, and mapping the Supply Chain Risk Management program. Our team evaluates the vulnerabilities throughout your organization’s extended supply chain, classifies, quantifies, and prioritizes interdependent risks and single points of failure.  Then we develop a personalized risk mitigation and transfer approach based on your business purposes.

Examining your organization’s supply chain through a microscopic view, we prioritize and segment vital products and services for risk identification. Our experts identify and evaluate the impact of disruptions across the extended supply chain to reduce volatility and strategically place your company for continual growth.

SCRM experts with us deliver end-to-end detailed mapping of product, cash, and information flows. This enables us to take dig deep into the resiliency of critical internal and external resources. It could include people, physical assets, technology, and relationships that create value for the organization.

Analytics and reporting

GainEdge can assist optimize the subtle balance of productivity and resiliency by offering detailed intelligence and analytics to effectually assign risk resources within your organization. We identify connections and mitigation options for single points of failure and resiliency gaps. They are measured and modeled to the return on risk investment (RORI) for strategic and tactical decisions as well.

GainEdge’s technology and expert insight help decision makers know

What is at stake. This will help you understand, gage, and manage risks in your supply chain.

Is the quality retained? If there is a drop in quality, you will lose customers instantly. It will be difficult to recover if there is a loss in reputation and customers.

Is your supply chain compliant?  Are all the security norms being met? Do they have all the insurances to avoid litigations later?

GainEdge identifies and integrates all the risk surveillance tools into your business operations to make sure your resources are effective and properly aligned to achieve a resilient supply chain.

Vertical Expertise

At GAINEDGE, we believe that every industry is unique. So we’ve built industry-specific expertise which helps us deliver comprehensive procurement and supply chain solutions to every major industry. Our extensive range of solutions is designed to maximize value from your procurement operation.

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