Category management services

An efficient sourcing and supply management strategy requires expertise in procurement best practices. It also calls for in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and spend category

Category management is the end-to-end tactical process for buying products and services that aligns business goals with supply market capabilities. Initially, it was used in the retail industry to manage record based on profitability and customer segmentation.  Now, it is applied in the other industries as well as a tool to manage suppliers and the products. If done properly, it drives in cost reductions, lower risks, improves services, and ushers in more revenue.

With a robust planned category management program, you can find a perfect balance by constantly recreating the category plans to discover newer alternatives, enhance third-party spend and lessen supply disruptions to unlock sustainable benefits.

We at GainEdge identify category management as a solution to transform businesses. Our experts have the know-how, and expertise to offer the best practices throughout the category management cycle as per your business needs.

Our consultant will work with your team assisting in building your category management competencies and processes. We will help you create specific category profiles, strategies, and obtain accurate market perception.

GainEdge Category Management Outsourcing Services

1. Analysis and development

Creating a physical design and continual improvement of a real category management policy, process, toolkit and prototypes to facilitate the making of compelling category and strategic sourcing strategies.

GainEdge maintains high standards and quality in designing, planning, budgeting, and execution of category management processes that actually work and inspires teams to use them. Our toolkit appeals to both category management professionals and relevant stakeholders. We can customize it to enhance client services as required.

2. Contract management

An impartial and transparent contract management practice builds a healthy buyer-supplier relationship. It sometimes can drag for days together which defeats the purpose and you lose on all its value and advantages.

This is where GainEdge steps in. Our consultants analyze the spend, supplier, category, etc. and identify cost-saving and improvement opportunities. We perform contract drafting, versioning, audit tests. Our experts negotiate, follow up, and get the approvals. We make sure of all compliances, contract renewals, reporting, and set up T&Cs.

3. Category management application

It is the process of running a comprehensive category management program encompassing all sourcing projects or category across the organization.

GainEdge provides hands-on support to your in-house category management teams. Our services include communication and change planning, category prioritization, governance, improvement tracking, conducting formal reviews, and proactive training at the category project level to make sure the projects are executed successfully.

4. Tail end Spend management

The tail spend actually offers an organization several incremental saving opportunities. Enterprises focus on managing the major portion of the spend through sourcing activities. They ignore the low-value, non-core purchases that form a long tail in a company’s spend.

GainEdge corrects this error and creates an integrated approach to deliver additional savings with efficient management of tail spend. We classify and analyze data, create, implement strategy, compliance, ensure improvement by constantly redesigning the process.

5. Improvement and delivery

It is the end results formed by the category management activities and measured through a range of metrics.

GainEdge consultants make sure clients achieve powerful and confirmed deliverables that validate the value of category management and gain approval from the stakeholder community. Our category strategies identify all possible and available value opportunities, risk factors, and cost reductions. We provide you with the tools to realize the opportunities identified in category strategies.

Why GainEdge?

– We have the experience, resources, skills.
– A huge network of global suppliers.
– Access to third-party research resources.
– Vast source of tools and templates.

Vertical Expertise

At GAINEDGE, we believe that every industry is unique. So we’ve built industry-specific expertise which helps us deliver comprehensive procurement and supply chain solutions to every major industry. Our extensive range of solutions is designed to maximize value from your procurement operation.

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