Procurement Transformation

Various compelling factors are necessitating strategic changes in the way procurement is done. The focus until recent times has been on cost savings. Companies are seeking a larger diversified role from their procurement teams to bolster growth and achieve their set goals. However, expecting overnight success with the procurement transformation process is far from reality and possibility. There are several challenges that need addressing. The legacy systems, methods, practices have to be optimized and blended into the current needs of an organization.

Procurement transformation requires some well-thought planning and sound execution. Companies fail in their attempts either because of lack of expertise or wrong planning. Some of the successful companies rely on third-party consultants to serve as procurement advisors to their finance and other supply chain operations.

GainEdge has a different procurement transformation approach. We help businesses plan a fully operative strategy. With our assistance, our clients craft their journey to exceptional performance. We offer insights on the best practices, metrics, and processes that the successful organizations adopt for their purchases.

Constructing capabilities for transformation

GainEdge identifies and develops essential capabilities that differentiate between a sustained transformation that show long -term results rather than short-term solutions that just gets lost.
– Identify the need for target capabilities that will deliver the greatest value
– Assess the distance in all facets of the critical capabilities.
– Involve and collaborate with leaders in the overall process
– Design capabilities and build a cross-functional team with perspectives and proficiency
– Improve employee capabilities in daily tasks
– Measure results
– Address issues and continue till change becomes permanent

Hasten your drive towards class performance

With experience that covers every aspect of sourcing and procurement, our team of experts can help you achieve your objectives. We redesign your procurement strategies and processes with our high-class methodologies to deliver immediate and lasting results.

GainEdge leads the way in procurement transformation. We have the resources, talent, experience, and the confidence to take your procurement capabilities a step further.  Our consultants have an impressive reputation for delivering efficiencies and help clients protect bottom-line profits.

We reduce risk in your commercial transactions, manage supply chains to ensure a reduction in costs, optimize efficiency, improve performance, achieve greater accountability.

– Building a uniform organizational buying proposal on par with business goals.
Implementing a Source-to-Pay design and enhancement
Applying sourcing and outsourcing road map to deliver quick short term savings and realize business objectives
Develop category specific plans for current category management.

Organizational design & people
– Evaluate prevailing structural efficiency and capabilities
– Design a company framework that aligns with the business goals.
– Improve efficiency with skill management training, recruitment, succession plan
– Implement a strong governance and performance management agenda

Implementation and technology
– Apply robust integration tools to merge departmental applications and enhance value.
– Enable procurement and finance teams to realize quick benefits
– Periodic reviews to deliver productivity gains and achieve significant savings.
– Analyze post-implementation results, KPIs, Workflow process
– Create strategies and planning for future technologies.

Vertical Expertise

At GAINEDGE, we believe that every industry is unique. So we’ve built industry-specific expertise which helps us deliver comprehensive procurement and supply chain solutions to every major industry. Our extensive range of solutions is designed to maximize value from your procurement operation.

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