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Procurement for e-Commerce Businesses

In the contemporary market, the eCommerce industry has to deal with the increasing challenge of responding to unexpected and chaotic market changes, meeting the escalating customer demands and providing merchandise within a short product life-cycle. Hence, procurement is one essential step to ensure the success of your business. In e-commerce, it helps in improving operational efficiency and also impacts inventory management positively. It also helps eCommerce entrepreneurs to manage their operating working capital better.

Being a leading procurement consulting in India, at GainEdge, we realize that procurement can have a direct bearing on profitability – the key objective of any enterprise. Therefore, we offer optimum solutions to your needs emphasizing solely on the client’s expectations. Choosing the right procurement process for your e-commerce business plays a significant role in its success, as it simplifies the sub-processes of procurement such as receiving of delivery data, supplier’s requisition request, transport ordering, reclamation solving and bidding. Achieving efficiency in these sub-processes could bring in numerous benefits in simplifying business data processing.

– Establishing clear roles and responsibilities within procurement department at the main office and branches and franchises

– Focusing on connecting procurement with other functions

– Identifying and revamping procurement process specific to your business requirements which can improve efficiency and increase savings.

Our team of experienced procurement consultants help companies to simplify their procurement processes while reducing the cost. Apart from ensuring that the procurement procedures are smooth and hassle-free, our team can also help e-commerce companies identify new business opportunities in various product categories. Our company can also assist in the end to end tender process management which can result in improved revenue and greater profits for the organisation

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