Engagement Models

Consulting Model

Our clients engage with us in a variety of ways. This flexibility allows GainEdge to customize and match its resources to the client’s needs in the most optimal way. No matter which model you choose, you can confide in us to deliver great results.

Short Term Consulting Projects:
Our short term consulting projects are aimed at augmenting a Client’s project when it involves a sudden need for resources, technical support for a short term and would rather not build the expertise in house. This may include completion of an already existing project or working on a new project. GainEdge’s project-based consulting model allows your business to have access to our experienced procurement team.

This type of engagement model is more suited for short term and tactical consulting projects.

Dedicated Outsourcing Center

In this model, the client reaps the benefits of an offshore center and is shielded from the obstacles that are involved in legal, taxes, hiring, IT, HR and office operations, etc.

In this model, companies could commence offshore operations and own an entire offshore facility with minimal risk and investment. GainEdge brings local knowledge, ready infrastructure and technical resources which are the key elements of a successful offshore model.

Hybrid model

The hybrid engagement model, comes into the picture when the Client project requires both consulting and outsourcing services to deliver results at reduced costs. Under hybrid model a separate team stationed locally would attend to technical consultations with our business partners and handle issues such as requirements gathering, feasibility study, market survey, gathering competitor’s activity, etc. The other team would take care of the procurement requirements and outsourcing.

The benefit of this model is the ability to mix and match the best from two worlds, thus expanding the in-house expertise by bringing new resources on board while actually delivering the project.

The hybrid engagement model allows cutting project costs by engaging extended team to work on the project alongside in-house team and dedicated resources hired specifically for project needs.

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