Sourcing and Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is dependent on many other ancillary industries, because of which it faces numerous challenges and operational limitations. In this ever competing world, the manufacturing sector is confronted with a lot of difficulties in their attempt to remain in the race for its competitors. These manufacturing industries are majorly dependent on indirect goods and services. Therefore, there is a tremendous opportunity for savings in this area by optimising and channelizing the spending in the indirect materials. Moreover, the success and visibility of the manufacturing industries primarily depend on the effective management of their supply chains and the proper spend management. At GainEdge, we help Manufacturing Companies around the world in optimising their spending, and in identifying and connecting with the best sources of raw materials, products and components for their manufacturing processes, thereby making their operations lean and highly focused on their core activities.

Our experienced and seasoned strategic sourcing professionals provide the following services for such manufacturing companies:

  • Low-Cost Country Sourcing (LCCS)Supplier Identification
  • Best Cost Country Sourcing (BCCS)Supplier Identification
  • Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Sourcing and purchase of Indirect items
  • Identification of Qualified Suppliers in Near Shore Locations
  • Improving relationship with existing suppliers
  • Supply Lead Times improvement
  • Follow-ups on Logistics
  • Identification of suitable Warehousing Locations and space
  • Sourcing of Capital Equipment
  • Improving Payment Terms with your Supply Chain Partners
  • Inventory Control

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About GainEdge

GainEdge is an associate company of the parent organization AGS. We are into the business of helping companies transform their procurement operations to deliver substantial and real savings to the enterprises by enabling refinement in their supply chain practices - globally and translating their business needs into interactive development strategies.

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